"Our mission is to inspire women to live a carefree, authentic, and pretty girl life without compromising brains or beauty".

Kimmy, Owner

"Your style should reflect what motivates you to be your true and authentic self. So go ahead sis, wear what feels good to you at home, at the gym, at brunch, or a night out with your bestie!"

Kimmy, Owner

Meet Kimmy

Hey girl hey! Welcome to Kimmylovesit Boutique. My name is Kimmy aka Kimmylovesit! I am a style blogger turned boutique owner! I opened this boutique to represent women and girls that love to express themselves through fashion. I believe that we all need a fashionable place or headquarters that values beauty and brains! It's ok sis to be the brilliant, charismatic, glam girl that has like 3 degrees, a family, and a full-time job!

I hope you love our styles as much as I do!



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